Estate Liquidation Services

Estate Liquidation Services

Estate liquidators at The Consignment Gallery (TCG) are trusted by estate owners throughout New Hampshire and beyond.

The comprehensive liquidation services our estate sales company offers enable sellers to efficiently profit from selling household items, new and vintage furniture, kitchen items, bedroom furniture, estate jewelry and more.

Estate Sales NH

Our expert team of estate consignment experts provides sellers with peace of mind that their items will find new homes through our widely-accessible in-store and online sales exposure opportunities.  

Buyers gain affordable prices for valuable items as they shop our website for online sales, or our 12,000 sq. ft. estate consignments showroom with attached warehouse in Bedford, NH.

How TCG Estate Liquidation Services Benefit Estate Owners

Estate liquidation services are ideal for sellers or estate executors with these common goals or situations:

  • To find new homes for items like new or vintage furniture, kitchen items, estate jewelry and more
  • To gain broad exposure of items for sale via TCG’s online sales and consignment shop presentation 
  • To liquidate household items and estate jewelry efficiently when a loved one has passed away
  • To display estate consignments attractively in a shop environment with supportive customer service 
  • To maximize selling prices of estate furniture and valuable items via TCG’s professional market research 
  • To sell estate consignments in a safe, secure shop away from owners’ homes and personal property 
  • To convert estate jewelry and household items into cash, via monthly checks or TCG buyout service
  • When retirement, job relocation, or moving to a new home requires downsizing of personal property

How Estate Sales Work

Across the estate liquidation industry, every estate sales company handles liquidation sales differently.  

Estate sales firms traditionally offer complete estate liquidation of entire estates on-site within estate sellers’ homes. The Consignment Gallery offers sellers three options to liquidate items via hassle-free, off-site sales.

Our proven TCG liquidation sales strategy provides estate owners with three comprehensive service options for liquidating their personal property items:

  1. TCG Estate Liquidation Service – For estate furniture and household items that qualify for this service (based on item condition, value, and anticipated selling price), we will arrange to transport pre-determined items to our Consignment shop to be prepared for merchandising and sale on consignment. Once items arrive at our attached warehouse, we process them in our 12,000 sq. ft. showroom and email the seller an itemized price list.  As items are sold, we follow the seller notification and payment protocols of our TCG Estate Consignment Service outlined below.
  2. TCG Buy Outright Service for Select Items – Some estate owners have tight estate liquidation deadlines, as in cases of an imminent move from the area, or families who need to accelerate the sale of items in order to divide the total proceeds by a certain date.  For sellers who qualify for this service (based on item condition, value, and anticipated selling price) TCG offers to buy selected items outright for a fair market price that we determine based on our research and experience.
  3. TCG Estate Consignment Service – Estate consignment is our most popular service. It is a practical way to sell household items such as quality preowned contemporary and vintage furniture, kitchen items, tables and dining accessories, home accessories and wall art, unique collectibles and estate jewelry. Sellers make an appointment to bring in their items for us to consider for sale on consignment in our 12,000 sq. ft. shop and online sales galleries. View our consignment protocols and payment process.
Estate Consignments

Estate Liquidation Preparation Steps  

Successful estate liquidation results from these five steps sellers can take to prepare property items for sale.

  1. Clean and Prepare Your Items for Sale – Clean all items for sale by thoroughly dusting them, vacuuming upholstered items, applying polish to touch up minor scratches, and repairing or replacing any missing or broken hardware. Glassware, dishware, and decorative items should be clean and in excellent saleable condition.
  2. Obtain Appraisal Documents for Fine Jewelry – Appraisal documents can support the selling price for fine jewelry that we accept as estate consignments or buy outright from a seller.  Estate jewelry is a popular category for which we recommend that sellers obtain appraisals. Sellers are also encouraged to submit any original receipts or information about their items.
  3. Take Photos of Your Items for Sale – Estate items for sale may be photographed and submitted to TCG for consideration. In lieu of transporting tables, other large furniture or household items to our consignment shop for review, simply take photos of individual pieces (or collections of small items, if appropriate) using your smartphone or camera.  If there are condition issues, please note them upon email submission and capture them in additional photos, if possible.

    For photos with multiple items, please note which items you wish to sell. For a collection or set of items such as china, submit a single photo of the front and back of one piece, so we can see the pattern as well as the brand/logo details.

    We preview photos to ensure that items are styles we can sell. We cannot determine the true condition of items before seeing them in person; however, if we believe we have a market for your items, we will ask you to book an in-person meeting for final inspection and consignment.
  4. Submit Your Photos and List of Larger Items to The Consignment Gallery – Submit photos of larger items such as furniture, and smaller items such as wall art, china and rugs that you would like The Consignment Gallery to consider for our Estate Liquidation Service or our Buy Outright Service for Select Items.  Simply email us a close-up photo of each item, with a brief message that lists your items and any key details.  We will reply with next-steps and logistics regarding items that qualify for sale.  For items that we preapprove you to bring in to our store, please schedule a time as outlined in step 5 below.
  5. Schedule an Appointment to Drop off Approved Items – It’s easy to schedule a Furniture Drop Off or Home Decor & Jewelry Drop Off appointment for items we’ve preapproved for you to bring in for closer review and processing for sale. Once we process your items, we will email you an itemized price list of your consigned items, as well as instructions for how to access your online seller account to monitor your consignments and sales transactions.

Answers to Estate Liquidation Service FAQs

Estate liquidators are paid a percentage of the selling price of items of all types and sizes, as well as a nominal fee included on the price tag of each item that is paid by the buyer.  As professional liquidators of estate consignments, The Consignment Gallery offers the most generous consignment split in the region.  Consignors receive 50% of the selling price of items that sell for less than $100; 60% for items with a selling price of $100-$999; and 70% for items with a selling price of $1,000 or more. The Consignment Gallery Consignor Portal provides convenient access for sellers to monitor their consigned items and sales transactions in our store.

As estate liquidators, our expert team at The Consignment Gallery is responsible for sourcing items and merchandising our 12,000 sq. ft. store (and website for online sales) with quality estate jewelry, decorative objects, wall décor and rugs that are immediately available to enhance shoppers’ living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, and outdoor living spaces

Our estate liquidation industry expertise of nearly four decades enables us to research and determine fair market pricing for items by considering their condition, age, and brand name. Other factors we consider include current styles, current inventory, and market demand. 

As local estate liquidators, The Consignment Gallery provides estate executors with the peace of mind that:

  • Their valuable items will be well-presented for sale in a modern shopping environment 
  • The selling price of their items will be well-researched by experienced TCG consignment experts 
  • Their estate consignments will be sold in a secure store environment away from their homes
  • Their items for sale will gain broad exposure through TCG’s online sales and consignment shop

Our TCG liquidation service does not accept items in the categories of clothing, electronics, appliances, books, media, window treatments, bed and bath linens, toys or dolls, musical instruments, or sporting goods.  We accept items only in highly-desired categories in order to optimize the shopping experience for buyers and maximize selling prices of sellers’ estate furniture and other valuable items. Sellers are welcome to email us photos of their items and we will reply to confirm whether or not we can accept them for consignment.