From Estate Liquidations to Single Items, We’re Your Sales Team!

From Estate Liquidations to Single Items, We’re Your Sales Team!

Covid-19 Message for Sellers

Please note the following temporary consignment policies are in place for appointments starting in May until further notice:

  1. We’re only doing drop-and-run appointments at the moment. This means you’ll fill out and sign a form and leave your items with us to consign for you at a later time.
  2. Our processing turnaround time will be approximately three weeks, and you’ll receive an itemized price list via email when we have finished processing your items. We’re expecting a large amount of incoming consignments upon re-opening, and our consignment process will take longer than usual due to our new disinfection procedures, the volume of items, and limited staffing at this time.
  3. You must agree to donate any items we don’t take on consignment. This will minimize the amount of contact between us, which keeps your safety a priority. We understand that it may be difficult to leave your items with us without being able to take back items we pass on, so if you’re uncomfortable with this procedure, we’d be happy to accept your items at a later date when fewer restrictions are in place and we can resume our normal stay & shop appointments.
  4. All items must be freshly cleaned/sanitized. While we’ll be taking steps to sanitize items as we process them, it’s safest if your items are already clean and disinfected.
  5. If you or members of your household have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for or is suspected to have the Coronavirus (COVID-19), unfortunately we will not be able to accept your items at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Since 1987, sellers have entrusted The Consignment Gallery as a wise alternative to arranging estate sales or contracting with estate liquidators or home liquidators to sell their quality preowned furniture and inexpensive home accessories and wall art, unique collectibles and jewelry. Our family-owned shop pioneered the concept of community resource sharing, and we consistently demonstrate our commitment to connecting sellers and buyers.  Our proven strategy has rewarded thousands of consignors with prompt sales of their items, as well as the most favorable consignment split in the region.  We’ve also earned the trust of loyal regular customers who rely on us to satisfy their ever-changing needs for home and office furniture, as well as unique collectibles and one of a kind treasures.

Consignment Sellers Frequently Ask Questions:

Here are some key steps that sellers can take to help attract buyers to consider purchasing their lightly-used home and office furniture, home décor, rugs, jewelry and collectibles at optimal purchase prices:

How do I get my items approved for consignment?

If you have furniture, rugs, or large light fixtures to consign, we kindly request that you send us photos of your items in advance of your appointment. We do not need to see photos of smaller household decor. Please email photos to, and you can expect a response within 48 hours.

We preview photos to ensure that the items are a style we can sell. We’re unable to determine the true condition of items before seeing them in person, but if we think we have a market for your pieces, we’ll ask you to schedule an appointment to bring your items in for final inspection and consignment.

Do I need an appointment to bring my items in?

Yes, appointments are required. Please call or come in to the store to make an appointment to consign your items. We offer Stay & Shop and Drop & Run appointments for household decor. For Stay & Shop appointments, we’ll price your items while you wait and return to you any items we can’t sell for you. For Drop & Run appointments, we’ll process your items at a later date, email your itemized price list to you, and donate anything we can’t sell for you. Furniture appointments are drop-off only. We’ll contact you with final approval and pricing for your furniture within 48 hours of drop-off.

What should I do to prepare my items for consignment?

We recommend thoroughly cleaning your items prior to bringing them in for consignment, including vacuuming upholstery, dusting and touching up minor scratches with wood polish, and replacing any broken or missing hardware. Prepare any documentation you may have for your consignments, including appraisals, original receipts, or information you found online about the item.

What does Consignment Gallery charge for selling my items?

Consignors receive 50% on items that sell for less than $100, 60% for items that sell for $100-$999, and 70% for items that sell for $1000 or more. A nominal fee is included in the price tag of each item and is paid by the buyer.

How will Consignment Gallery price my items?

Consignment Gallery determines fair market pricing for items by considering their condition, age, and brand name. We also consider current styles, current inventory, and customer/market demand. If you have original paperwork/receipts for your items, these can be very helpful in determining an appropriate selling price and maximizing your profit.

Are there any markdowns during the consignment period?

Items must be consigned with Consignment Gallery for a minimum of 60 days. If an item does not sell within the first 30 days, it is reduced in price by 10%. After 60 days, unsold items may be picked up or they may remain for sale with additional 10% price reductions, off the original price, occurring each subsequent 30 day period. Jewelry and fine art pricing will not be reduced during the initial 60 day period. Price reductions for jewelry and fine art after 60 days will be at Consignment Gallery’s discretion.

Will I be contacted when my items sell?

Due to the large number of consignors and inventory, we do not contact you each time one of your items sells. Online access to account information is available via our online portal for consignors who would like to monitor their items throughout the consignment period.

How and when will I be paid for my sold items?

During the first week of each month, a check and item list are mailed to consignors whose items have sold during the previous month for accounts with a minimum balance of $25. Cash payouts (up to $100) are also available in store anytime.

What happens to my items if they don’t sell?

After 90 days, any unsold items not retrieved by consignors and priced under $100 will be donated to a local charity. Items priced over $100 may be re-consigned and marked down further and remain for sale.

Do you offer furniture pickups or in-home consultations?

Consignment Gallery does not provide moving services, however we can recommend professional movers if you prefer not to move the items yourself. We offer in-home consultations on a case-by-case basis, depending on the location of the estate and the volume of furniture. If you have an entire estate you’re looking to sell/consign, please reach out to us via email and include photos so we can get a sense of the style and number of items you have.