Quality Consignment Jewelry

Quality Consignment Jewelry

Consignment jewelry from estate sales and other consignment options awaits you in-store or online at The Consignment Gallery, the quality jewelry collection resource for New Hampshire and beyond. Beautiful pieces of jewelry for sale are available in our online consignment shop as well as in-store.  Our impressive selection includes a wide range of consignment options that fit your style and budget.  

You’ll find the perfect gift of estate jewelry – for yourself, or fans of luxury jewelry – at reasonable prices. Our helpful staff of customer service specialists can enhance your consignment jewelry shopping experience in-store, whether you seek luxury items or costume jewelry. We also promote consignment jewelry online using our secure online platform to give it wider exposure to buyers who seek reasonable prices for quality jewelry.

The Jewelry Consignment Process

Our jewelry consignment process is streamlined and convenient.  Simply schedule an appointment to bring in or drop off your jewelry for sale, so we can determine items for which we have a market. After your items are processed, you will receive an itemized price list via email. Any unaccepted jewelry items may be picked up within one week from drop off. 

For diamond jewelry, we ask consigners to obtain jewelry appraisals from a reputable appraiser.  A jewelry appraiser has the specialty equipment and expertise to inspect diamond jewelry and provide details that will help determine the value. This informs a fair price to assign as a sales price to each piece of jewelry in our in-store and online consignment shop. 

Some online consignment firms charge listing fees to prepare jewelry for sale. There is no listing fee for our consignment service at The Consignment Gallery! We provide consistent customer satisfaction as we connect a wide range of sellers with buyers unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.

Answers to Consignment Jewelry Sale FAQs

You can prepare your jewelry for sale by obtaining an appraisal for diamond jewelry; inspecting all jewelry to ensure it is in saleable condition (not tarnished; no missing stones, clasps in working order, etc.). Please package your jewelry for drop off in a manner that avoids damage, tangles or knots during transport. For example, separate your items instead of placing them all loose in a single bag, where they can get scratched, bent or entangled.

We feature consignment jewelry online to expand our jewelry collection’s exposure to buyers. Our online consignment shop is popular with many people who shop The Consignment Gallery’s online marketplace at their convenience, 24/7.  You can browse much of our current jewelry inventory from the comfort of your own home and make purchases using our online platform. We offer secure in-store pickup of any piece of jewelry sold in our online marketplace.

For consignment jewelry we determine sale prices that represent fair market value by conducting research that considers style, condition, age, and brand relative to our current inventory and customer or market demand. If sellers provide jewelry appraisals or original retail price receipts or paperwork, it helps us to validate and assign fair prices.  

Our sale prices are comparable to auction prices for estate jewelry, but without the online auction hassle and stress!  A unique aspect of our jewelry consignment agreement is that sale prices for higher-end pieces of jewelry can remain the same for 90 days. If consignment jewelry with a sales price of greater than $100 does not sell within the 90-day consignment period, the consignor has the option to reduce the list price and extend their consignment term for another 90 days.

Consignors receive 50% on items that sell for less than $100, 60% for items that sell for $100-$999, and 70% for items that sell for $1,000 or more.  Visit our How it Works page for more details.

Jewelry consignment is a popular way to expose many types of jewelry to a wide audience of discerning jewelry buyers.  Pieces of jewelry in our consignment shop typically sell within 90 days.

Types of jewelry we accept for jewelry consignment at The Consignment Gallery range from fine jewelry to fun jewelry!  Precious metals in our jewelry collection often include diamond jewelry; gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver jewelry and more.  Our ever-changing items for sale also include unique engagement rings; estate jewelry necklaces and earrings; mixed metal jewelry; charming preowned wedding rings; and birthstone rings, cocktail and keepsake rings in sizes and settings galore.  David Yurman, and Tiffany & Co. are examples of high-end designer jewelry brands we’ve consigned for our customers.

Popular Jewelry Types Featured in Our Jewelry Collection

  • Antique Jewelry 
  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Designer jewelry 
  • Estate pieces
  • Costume Jewelry 
  • Branded and unbranded gemstone jewelry

Types of Jewelry We Do Not Consign

Luxury watches, loose diamonds, and loose gemstones are types of jewelry that we do not consign. Handmade jewelry items for sale we typically offer include only established designer jewelry brands and well-known and respected artisan brands.  We also do not consign any costume jewelry with an original retail price of less than $10.